Beleaguered Republican Presidential Primary candidate Herman Cain removed himself from the heavily contested race on Saturday amid decreasing poll numbers and increasing allegations of scandal. As he is wont to do, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO included in his remarks a reference to 2000's Pokémon: The Movie. The Huffington Post reports that Cain said, "Life can be a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It's never easy when there's so much on the line. But you and I can make a difference. There's a mission just for you and me."

The lines come from the Donna Summer song, "The Power of One," recorded for the film's soundtrack. While Cain was once uncertain of the provence of those inspirational words (he previously credited them to "a poet"), he acknowledged on Saturday that Pokémon: The Movie was the source of his inspiration.On stage in in his home state of Georgia, Cain indicated that the media scrutiny surrounding the allegations of sexual harassment and a 13-year extra marital affair have adversely affected his family and also diminished his capacity to "raise the necessary funds to be competitive" with other candidates.

"[I didn't suspend my campaign] because i'm not a fighter," the candidate said, invoking some of the indomitable spirit of Ash Ketchem and other Pokémon champions of legend. Indeed, Cain cannot seem to make it far without making some manner of reference to Summers' Pokémon song, with lyrics appearing on his official website, during his initial campaign announcement, at an appearance at the Republican Leader Conference, and in remarks made at the Republican primary debate in Iowa.

Prior to suspending his campaign, Cain gave an interview to GQ in which he discussed the profound influence the Pokémon track on his campaign.

"...I fell in love with this song, fell in love with how she sang the song, and fell in love with the words, he said. "Committed it to memory. Now, why did I commit it to memory? Because one of the things that I did before I ran for president is I was a professional speaker. Not a motivational speaker-an inspirational speaker. Motivation comes from within. You have to be inspired. That's what I do. I inspire people, I inspire the public, I inspire my staff. I inspired the organizations I took over to want to succeed. I love the song."

Hermain Cain: blasting off again. (Insert lens flare)

[Via The Huffington Post]