Geekdom has grown rapidly in the past few years, extending beyond comic shelves and hitting the apparel market. Brands such as WeLoveFine and Her Universe have made a conscious effort to incorporate geek culture into their collections and introduce trendy apparel for every type of fandom. With Hero Mode, Comics Alliiance hopes to offer you a selection of the best geek-themed apparel for your wardrobe, inspired by your favorite characters --- starting with Black Widow.

Superhero-themed apparel can be incredibly hit or miss, and I’ve never been enthused by the standard screen printed tee, but with sites such as WeLoveFine and SuperHeroStuff sprouting like rogue HYDRA agents, the options for some sweet superhero gear has never been more promising.

It doesn’t take a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative to notice the glaring lack of Black Widow collectibles and merchandise in the current geek marketplace. Aside from beating Ultron bots into scrap metal, Romanoff has had to to fight valiantly for better representation alongside her male teammates (though Hawkeye is also noticeably absent on the merch front).

MCU and Black Widow fans alike have championed for better representation for the red-haired femme fatale, created in 1964 by Stan Lee, Don Heck and Don Rico, and brought to the screen by Scarlett Johansson. Though the pool of Black Widow merchandise is still shallow, it appears to be growing, especially where clothing is concerned. To spare you from getting red in your ledger, we’ve collected a series of some of the best Black Widow apparel we could find.


You Think You Know Black Widow?


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