Director Morgan Spurlock and featured stars Joss Whedon, Stan Lee and Harry Knowles are getting their own official HeroClix figures this July as part of the Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope DVD and HeroClix Combo-Pack. The limited edition combo-pack will be available at comic shops and specialty stores in time for San Diego Comic-Con International 2012, with a number of the sets being sold at the show itself at the NECA booth. This is actually the second time Stan Lee's received a HeroClix figure, though the first version was an exclusive prize for a benefit raffle during Emerald City Comic Con 2010. Each figure has pretty superheroic stats, too, meaning they'll stack up pretty well against familiar heroes like Spider-Man and Batman. You can take a closer look at the Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope Heroclix figures and their stats after the cut.

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