This is an image of Milo Ventimiglia from 'Heroes'We open with Peter in post-apocalyptic NYC. Flyers flutter around him, as he watches his past self and Kaitlyn being taken away by the men in suits. All of a sudden he's back in Montreal. Adam and Peter start to talk about the Shanti virus. Adam wants to know what it's called. When Peter tells him, he hesitates and begins telling him the story of the Shanti virus, of how biochemists tried to manipulate the virus and now it's everywhere. Adam tells Peter that the original heroes created the Shanti virus and that the previously unidentified woman, Victoria was the key.

Bob goes to Claire's house to deliver Bennet's 'ashes' and wishes them well in his normal lame 'I don't mean it way.' Bob shows his true asshole side when he reprimands his daughter for making a mistake and ruining everything. He sets her with the task of watching Claire.

We turn to Bennet and his miraculous recovery. Mohinder is the one who has prompted this recovery, but when Bennet finds out that he took Claire's blood, he freaks out and tries to tell Mohinder what a sucker he's being. Not surprisingly Mohinder doesn't listen, mostly because he sucks and I want to punch him in the face, but really because he's practically brainwashed by the company and is set on saving lives. This is, of course after he shot Bennet in the face. Quite the change of heart lame-o. He even goes as far to tell Bennet that he brought the shooting on himself. Yeah, kidnapping his daughter, attacking him, that was totally on Bennet. What a d-bag Mohinder is. Seriously.

Back in New Orleans, Micah is trying to teach his cousins about comics. Nice! He's explaining why superheroes have to hide, because the bad people might find out where you live and attack you at home, and might even go after your family. Nikki's back and after her normal maternal lame banter, she informs Micah that she has a virus and that Dr. Suresh is doing all he can to help her get better. He tells her that DL's medal could make her feel better, but when he goes to look for it it's revealed that his cousin took his bag to sell the comics.Sylar is 'romancing' Maya, trying to get her to control her own power so that she can let Alejandro go to live a normal life. When she almost kills Sylar, she reels back in her power and saves her life.
Hiro and Ando are talking about how it was Kensei who killed Kaito Nakamura. They realize that Kensei could live forever. Uh-oh.

Adam and Peter are about to storm Victoria's house, and when Adam brandishes a gun, Peter refuses to go in guns blazing, he just wants to talk. When Victoria pulls a gun on him, Peter explains that in 24 hours the Shanti virus will be released and that a year from now 93% of the world's population will be dead. Victoria demands to know how he knows this. He tells her he's been there, she invites him inside. Guess Peter's got a new special friend. Ow-ow.

This is an image of Masi Oka from Heroes.Hiro and Ando are searching through files, hoping to find something that might help their cause. They discover a picture of Takezo Kensei and Kaito. They also discover an order to imprison Adam signed by Hiro's father. He travels in time to find out that Adam tried to release the virus on an unsuspecting public because human kind is too sick to continue. We see a younger Victoria who is not cool with the virus manufacturing, and she quits because Kaito won't destroy the strain.

Going back to present time, Peter is still talking to Victoria about the virus. He tells her that he must save Kaitlyn and she tells him the location of the virus. Cheesy. He then goes outside to tell Adam and Victoria follows them out, sees that Peter is with Adam and then shoots them both. Peter knocks her out before she can blow Adam's head off. And they go to put her in her house.

Maya is telling Alejandro the good news that she can now control her power. He tells her that Sylar is a killer, that he killed his own Mother. In tears, clear not black, she asks Sylar if this is true. Sylar tells her that his mother rejected his power and tried to kill him. In defending himself, he accidentally killed her. Maya falls for it hook, line and sinker. She then tells Alejandro that she no longer needs him, that she killed his wife on purpose. 'In my heart I wanted her dead.' Alejandro leaves, and she falls into Sylar's arms. Just like he planned. Sylar's getting a piece!

Adam and Peter are questioning Victoria. Victoria tells Peter what Adam did in 1977. Adam denies it and says he's trying to destroy the virus. She won't give it up so Peter reads her mind and finds it's in Texas. Adam lets her go so that she'd attack Peter and then he finishes her off. Adam writes the symbol in blood on Victoria's picture and tells her, 'If anyone survives I'll tell them it was all you.'

Zooming back to New Orleans, it's revealed that Micah's cousin did steal the bag with DL's medal in it. He then gets attacked and the bag was stolen. Micah attacks him and tells him that he hates him. He then implores Nikki that they be heroes and she refuses. Monica looks different though. I just believe she might get that medal back.

This is an image of Zachary Quinto from Heroes. Sylar is accosted by Alejandro in his hotel room, telling him that he won't take his sister away. Sylar tells him that he could have gone easy... Maya knocks on the door and confesses that Sylar was right about everything and that he has taught her more than he knows. They they make out, all the while with Alejandro's dead body right behind them. Except Maya doesn't know it's there, of course. Romantic.

Claire's searching through boxes of stuff for something when West comes up behind her asking if she's leaving tonight. She tells West that she's gone through a lot of pain in her life, but losing her father is the worst pain ever. She is determined to not hurt anymore and wants to call the Haitian to erase that she even had a father. West tells her that she doesn't want to do that, and she breaks down.

Monica comes to Micah's room and tells him that they're going to get DL's medal back as long as he stays back. She's dressed like a superhero, all ready to bust some stuff up.

Mohinder has found a way to cure Nikki, but he demands all virus research be stopped and all strains destroyed.
Monica and Micah go on their midnight run to recover the medal, and it's kind of cool but we discover that instead of controlling electrical things, Micah talks to them 'I told them to stay off for a while.' Monica shows off her superb skills by parkour-ing into the house, but then gets busted by the thugs who live in the house. Uh oh. They drag her into a van and take her off.

Claire stands by a beach, urn in hand ready to commit her father's ashes into the ocean. Why does she get to throw the ashes? She apologizes to her father as she scatters them. Sadly, there's no 'Big Lebowski' moment where all of the ashes go back into the family's faces. Claire's mom tells her to say goodbye to West when she spots Elle and goes to girl fight Elle. She threatens Elle and tells her that she's going to show the world what she can do, and once the public knows no one will be able to touch them. Um, ok.

Mohinder's in New Orleans looking for Nikki, and he receives a call from someone amazing. Sylar. He's convinced the babysitter to take the night off and is alone with Molly. He tells Mohinder that he's brought someone who needs his help, and that
he'll see them soon.

Hiro comes back to tell Ando what Adam wants, to destroy the population of the world and promptly vanishes to stop Adam from releasing the strain.

Peter and Adam have broken into the Texas facility where the strain is kept. Hiro stops time and means to kill Adam. Peter refuses to let that happen. Lightening vs Sword and Hiro charges. To be continued.

Next week? Oy. Two heroes must fall. I'm thinking Nathan and maybe Elle? Mostly because I think 'Heroes fans don't like her. Or it could be Adam, since they only say that a villain, singular, will rise... Either way, I'm looking forward to it. Honestly, I kind of wish Peter would stop being such a sissy pants. He's in the middle of world intrigue and he's expecting some strange woman to give him the location of a highly dangerous virus just because he's in love with a girl named Kaitlyn? I'd shoot him in the head right there. Regardless, next week is d-day, the last 'Heroes' episode this season, or at least until the writer's strike demands are met. Come on guys, just give the geniuses what they want. If this strike has taught us anything, it's that those writers are totally worth it.

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