We open with Mohinder in Brooklyn, back at his apartment. Sylar welcomes him home, while Maya cooks breakfast for him. Maya tells Mohinder how excited she was to meet him. Maya tells Mohinder that she knows Sylar is a killer and spills to Mohinder that Sylar no longer has powers. Mohinder pulls a knife, Sylar pulls a gun, and Maya realizes that Sylar has been lying to her. At that point Maya brings on the black tears and Sylar implores her not to kill Molly and Mohinder, the only man who can help her. She controls herself and Mohinder agrees to take them to the lab. Zachary Quinto form Heroes.

Angela finally decides to tell Matt and Nathan what happened with the original parents. She admits that at first she followed Adam, but then she realized he wanted to kill everyone off. She tells them where the virus is, and that if they can't stop Adam they must shoot him, right through the head. Privately to Matt, she says if you can't stop Peter, you'll have to kill him too.

We're returned to Peter, Hiro and Adam in the Odessa Warehouse. Hiro tries to explain to Peter that Adam is a bad man, and Peter will not listen. He electrocutes Hiro and time unfreezes... Adam sees Hiro, tells Peter they were friends once. Peter tells Adam that they should go find the virus, but before Adam leaves Hiro, he takes his sword. What a butt hole.

We find Claire going through her father's old records. Sandra asks Claire what she thinks will happen if she reveals everything. Claire says she's beyond wondering what if.

Elle and Bob are arguing, Bob telling Elle what a horrible job she's done provoking Claire, and now she's going public. Bob benches her, no more field assignments. She's obviously distraught. She goes to Bennet and asks him what her father did to her. Bennet tells her there's not much incentive to share. When she mentions she could make him tell, he says, you could try. He tells her anyway that her dad gave her so much wattage she would pass out. They all wanted her to stop, but Bob wouldn't let them. He said his daughter was tough and could take it.

Bob comes in and tells Bennet that Claire's becoming a problem, and asks if there's hard evidence she can go forward with. Bennet doesn't respond and Bob tells him that now someone's got to go and quiet her. Nice.

Adam and Peter are storming Primatech, which is actually pretty cool, with a flick of his wrist, Peter takes down security guards while Adam helps incapacitate them with Hiro's sword. Once they reach the room where the virus is held, Peter asks Adam if he killed Hiro's father. Adam admits to it. Peter asks Adam how he thinks he could trust him. Adam, always manipulative and smart, tells Peter that this is the only way he can help Kaitlyn. Nice play, Adam. Peter's a sucker for anything in a skirt. He could be like, that sexy lady in the lab coat needs you, and Peter would do whatever he wanted. Man, Peter's sensitive side is a little much. Ugh.Maya tells Sylar that her brother was right, that he was taking advantage of her the entire time. He tells her that once Mohinder brings his powers back, he'll gladly take hers off her hands. Mohinder walks them in to Isaac's apartment where he proceeds to take Sylar's blood. Don't judge Mohinder, you're no better than Sylar.

While Elle is searching through her files, she notices that Mohinder is on surveillance, and that Sylar is there. She goes to stop Sylar, just to get her daddy's approval back. Awww, how sweet.

Nathan and Matt fly into Odessa only to meet Hiro. Matt asks how dangerous Peter is, and that Angela told him to kill Peter if he couldn't stop him. Nathan tells him that he'll be the one todeal with Peter if something happens. Hayden Panettiere from Heroes

Claire's packing up her things, getting ready to go public when West tries to stop her. He says that it's not wise, that they need their secrets. She disagrees, gives him his files, and tells him that now there's nothing to find out about. As upset as she is, she's about to get more, when her father appears to walk through the door. Hmmm, another doppelganger?

Molly and Maya sit together waiting for Mohinder to analyze Sylar's blood, while Maya tells her she wishes her brother were there with them. Molly tells her she can find people... Uh oh... She looks and doesn't find Alejandro, because he's not anywhere. Just as Mohinder tells Sylar that he has the same strain as Nikki, Maya accuses him of killing her brother. Greatly annoyed, Sylar turns around and shoots her in the neck. In typical Sylar fashion, he says 'Look what you made me do.' He then demands that Mohinder get him the antidote. He tells Mohinder to give it to Maya and if it works, then to him.

Jack Coleman from HeroesBennet tells his family what has happened; explaining that he's made a deal that will keep them safe, and that he must return to the company. With ballyhooing and crying aplenty, he leaves and gives Bob the signal that he's done it.

Peter finally opens the door to the vault containing the virus just as Hiro materializes to stop him. Peter knocks him out of the way and Adam tells him that he'll keep trying if he doesn't do anything about it. Peter begins to kill Hiro until Matt tells him not to, that he's on the wrong side. He and Peter begin mind battling and Peter tells Matt that it is Matt who is on the wrong side. Nathan steps out and says, 'What about me, Pete? Am I on the wrong side too?' Hiro regains consciousness and materializes in the vault. Hiro tells Kensei that he was once his friend, and Kensei agrees, but replies that Hiro was the one who taught him villainy. The virus is in Adam's hand. Nathan tells Peter that Adam tried to release the virus before; Peter tells Nathan that Adam saved Nathan's life. Nathan says that he used him to get to Peter. Adam explains to Hiro that washing the world's trouble all away is what God would do with a faulty society. Nathan elaborates and tells him that he's trying to manipulate Peter. He tells Peter that he believes in him, like the night in Kirby Plaza when he detonated and he also tells him that he loves him. Hiro tells Kensei that he is not God. Kensei says, that he has lived for 400 years, and he might live for 400 more. Hiro then replies to Kensei that he should have killed him a long time ago, and that he should kill him now, for his father.

Milo Ventimiglia from heroesNathan asks Peter, 'Do you really trust Adam'? Peter begins running for the vault just as Hiro puts his hand on Adam to pull him back in time. He drops the vial of the virus right as they disappear. And GASP we go to a commercial break.

Peter books it for the vault and stops the virus from falling in mid-air. Matt and Nathan come, asking whereMi Kensei and Hiro have gone. Peter is regretful that he was on the wrong side, and destroys the virus. Matt, Nathan and Peter try to figure out a way to expose the company as surveillance tapes their conversation.

Mohinder injects Maya and she recovers, spitting the bullet out in a very cool effect. Elle comes in and busts out with the lightening on Sylar, it takes several tries but she finally gets him.

We go to New Orleans where Monica is about to be burned down by the thugs who have Micah's dad's medal. With Micah's electronic amazingness, Nikki kicks some serious ass when they find the bad guys and once she fre
es Monica from the burning building, she gets stuck herself and is still in the building when it explodes. Poor Micah. How many freaking people are going to die this time?

Ando finds Hiro in his cubicle. Hiro tells him that Adam will never hurt anyone again. We pan to Adam, buried in a coffin, 6 feet under, yelling. Nice one, Hiro.

Adrian Pasdar from HeroesSylar has gotten away, and Elle is horrifically upset that her father will be angry. Mohinder tells her that his father should be proud, that she's saved all of their lives.

We cut to Nathan Petrelli's press conference, he tells America that he's seen ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and just as he's about to admit that he has the ability to fly, an unknown assassin pops him. As Matt and Peter are standing by him, Nathan dies in Peter's arms. (While Peter makes that weird mouth expression he uses for anger and sadness. Hot.)

We cut to Angela on the telephone. She says, 'I understand, it was necessary, you realize now that you've opened Pandora's box.' I can't believe this lame be-atch. Will somebody cap her already? Please? Ugh. With that conversation, we see End of Volume 2 on the screen.

As a special bonus, there's the beginning to Volume Three: Villains. Sylar shoots himself with the special miracle blood in an alley and regains his powers. His fitting words: 'I'm back,' set the scene for what will no doubt be an amazing next season.

Holy crap. As far as season finales go, this one was a doozie. I loved hearing more about how Micah does things, I loved the comeuppance of Adam and I completely adored the return of Sylar. I mourned Nathan and Nikki's (maybe) deaths, but Nathan was kind of boring this season and honestly, I love Nikki, but she's just way too teary all the time.

All I can say is that I can't wait for next season. So sound off 'Heroes' fans: What did you love/hate about the finale and the season in general?

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