We open this week, 'Four Months Ago,' with Peter meeting Adam. Peter doesn't remember Adam. Adam thinks the Haitian has taken liberty with Peter's mind. He tells Peter that he can heal his mind, since he can heal. He just has to think back to what is more important to him.

We flash back to when Nathan takes Peter up into the air, he tells Nathan to let him go, and reveals to him that he can do whatever anyone else's powers are. He explodes and Peter carries Nathan back to safety.This is an image of Peter Petrelli from 'Heroes' played by Milo Ventimiglia.
It's revealed that DL survived the bullet wound, so why did he die?

Alejandro is at his wedding when Maya freaks out, unhappy with his marriage. She no longer feels like dancing and goes out and cries one black tear. She then walks in on her brother's bride and another man doing the dirty. He roughs Maya up, and the black tears come. She goes to find her brother and realizes she's killed the entire wedding party. Alejandro wants to know what's happened, and she tells him that she must have done it.

Peter drops Nathan off at the hospital, and when he turns invisible to sneak back and see how he is, Veronica Mars lightening bolts him. Bob asks, 'Did you have to hit him with full blast?' She responds, 'He can take it.' Oh how flirty you are Kristen Bell! What an absolutely naughty little girl you are. I'm over her being on this show. Seriously.

Peter wakes up to Elle peering over him. 'He's not a toy, Elle.' 'He could be.' So CUTE, Kristen! Bob explains that Peter is safe, but Nathan isn't. Or the world isn't, until he has his powers under control. They tell him about the experimental vaccine that could cure him and he accepts.

Angela tells Nathan about his accident, and that they can't find Peter. Peter sees his charred and awful face. Nice touch with the yellow eye.

Back with DL and Nikki, it's revealed that Bob paid for DL's medical care. Bob tells her he can help her get rid of her second personality, as long as she ditches her family and goes into a program.

Elle gives Peter pills to suppress his power. She's obviously very kinky, because she tells him he'll get used to her lightening bolts, and will eventually get to like them. Golly. After she leaves Peter's room at the lab, Adam calls to Peter through the grate in the wall.
'Three Months Later...'
Micah's birthday party lacks the happy character it should have, Nikki seems distracted. Micah suggests that they should be a crime fighting team, but DL says that he's going to get a job where Micah will be proud. Nikki expresses distaste at her medication, and flushes them down the sink. Good for you.

Adam speaks to Peter about how they are in a forgotten place, and Peter says that he deserves to be in there. Adam realizes that Peter's been through something awful. And Peter finally tells Adam his name.
After Elle gives Peter her medication, he challenges her into telling him her story. Same old sob story, eh Kristen? Burned down her grandma's house at 4, blackout in 3 counties but the time she was 8. Been in the facility for 16 years. We've heard that one before, sister.

Adam cautions Peter against giving it up to Elle, and Peter assures him he's only interested in the pills. Adam laughs, 'I keep forgetting you believe them.' He tells Peter that he's been in there for 30 years, and their 'cure' has never gotten better. In fact, it's not a facility at all, it's a prison. 'Don't believe me?' he tells Peter, 'Just try to get out.'

Angela is back to see Nathan, and she walks in on a visit with him and his wife. His wife tells Angela that Nathan's told her everything. Angela tells her that Nathan is crazy, presumably to regain control of Nathan. She asks Heidi to keep it a secret. Heidi agrees. She looks a lot prettier when she's upset.

Cut to Nikki and DL. Nikki's getting ready to go to her first day of work at a car dealership. Nikki's got a new personality, Gina. And just like usual, Gina takes over Nikki.

Peter's trying to convince Bob to let him see his family. He won't, so Adam and him plan to break out, and use Adam's blood healing powers to fix Nathan.

This is an image of Noah Gray-Cabey from 'Heroes.' DL's got a gig as a volunteer fire-fighter, and is using his ability for good. He returns from work to Micah excited to see him, but no Nikki. On the mirror, Gina has written, 'Gone to L.A. C-Ya!' DL thinks it's Jessica, but Gina is a representation of the time Nikki went out to L.A. and asked everyone to call her Gina. Hmm. That's a scary prospect. Your crazy partying alter-identity, out to play. What's she going to do -- flash people as her superpower? I guess she could spread STDs.

Peter starts to seduce Elle to help break out of the facility. She shocks him on the lips, and he fakes taking his medicine. It's day number 5 without his meds, and he's trying to escape. He walks through the wall, meets Adam, and remarks, after 400 years, you've held up pretty good. They leave to save Nathan.

Maya is at a convent, but Alejandro has located her. She tells him that there is something evil inside of her, he tells her he wants to help but brings in the police. She cries the black tears during her arrest and kills the cop, showing Alejandro that their power is linked. They escape together.

DL goes to find Nikki, thinking that she's Jessica, finding out she's not. When he shows her a picture of Micah, DL and her, she wakes from her Gina trance. As they are walking out, the guy she was with shoots DL. Nice move, Nikki.

We're at DL's funeral. Nikki tells DL's mom that she might need to get some help.

Adam and Peter heal Nathan, but when they come out of the hospital, Elle and Bob are waiting for them. They split up, and the Haitian chases Peter into a cargo bin where he clears his mind.

Angela walks into Nathan's room to find him healed. Nikki walks into the facility and thanks Bob, who looks profoundly regretful. Nathan goes to a bar. We see Maya and Sylar together. Peter realizes he knows everything, and is ready to save the world with Adam.

Oh MAN. I loved this episode, it filled in so many gaps I was wondering about. Especially about the whole Nathan and Peter exploding thing. It was also great to see the beginning of Maya and Alejandro. I can't wait for next week. So good. So good.

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