We open up with our favorite story line. Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko. Kensei has Hiro inhaling opium, and is ready to take Yaeko and half the country by force. How lovely. Is anyone else completely over this? I am. Seriously.

We pan out to one of Isaac's painting, depicting Hiro and Kensei fighting. Bennet and the Haitian are piecing together the paintings. Bennet calls Mohinder, demanding to know if he has a company mandated gun. Mohinder pieces together that he is now expendable, and just then Nikki, Matt and Nathan enter the picture, telling everyone that Matt's father is killing off the older heroes, and that Bob is next. Wooo. Whoopdy do.

Peter and Caitlyn are still wandering around post-apocalyptic NYC, searching for anyone. Hazmat figures accost them, demanding to know if they've exhibited symptoms, if they're sick... Sick with what, hmmm?

Thank you writers, Claire in bed? Sweet. West wakes her up with a text message about waffles. Delicious waffles. Even though Bennet is out of town, Claire is still apprehensive about her crazy daddy finding out. West informs Claire that they made the knews. 'Drunk Cheerleader Suspended: Claims she saw boy who could fly.' Sweet.

Circumstances have changed, apparently. The only way to catch Maury is to inject him with the virus, using Bob as bait. Bob informs Matt that he is the only one who can stop his father with this virus, while Mohinder, again, protests its use.

Yaeko's father states that Kensei will no doubt conquer , but Yaeko believes differently. She frees herself and Hiro.

The Shanti virus has spread across the globe. The very virus Mohinder protested use of. Ninety-three percent of the world's population is dead. Caitlyn's being deported, and we're treated to a tasty 'delousing' scene with Peter, who, we discover, should be dead, death certificate and all. The government agent informs Peter of the good news. Hey, seven percent's better than nothing right? That's the spirt!

Matt's speaking with the comatose Molly. Still feeling guilty for asking Molly to find his father, he waxes philosophical about how he knows how it feels to want to please someone so badly that you'll do anything. He doesn't think he has the power, but when he tells Molly that he loves her, her brain activity goes off the charts. Yay for the healing power of love. Now wake up kiddo, comatose patients are boring.

Mohinder is dicussing with Nikki the moral reprehensions of using the virus. Nikki urges Mohinder to use it, 'No one will die,' she claims. Maury, disguised as DL tells Nikki she'll never be healed, she's a killer, and by the end of the day, she'll be killing a lot more people. Could he be speaking to the plague?

Bob clues Nathan in on Adam. According to Bob, Adam is the main killer. Maury, instead of the mastermind, is his tool. Adam was the one with thoughts of global annihilation to start anew and Linderman was his disciple. Nathan asks why he should care. Bob tells him. 'Your brother is alive.'

Peter and Angela reunite. Peter doesn't know her, doesn't know anyone. Angela informs him that Nathan died in the first virus outbreak, and that if he doesn't do anything, that virus will kill them all. Peter busts out with some great acting, punching tables, having flashbacks, and finally recognizing the old hag for who she is. Sorry, but come on, she really is an old hag.

Claire and West are all about the making out. In front of Mr. Muggles in fact. Claire wants to know if the marks on West's neck hurt. And then she says, 'If you're going to be dropping in, there's something I need to tell you.' West thinks that he's moving too fast. Bennet walks in, scares the crap out of West and in his panic, he thinks Claire is trying to set him up and flies away.

Hiro and Yaeko discuss more intricacies of the mess they've ended up in. 'Kensei is good, I believe in him, he's been made cruel by pain, but he's not anymore.' Off to battle.

Maury gets even further into Nikki's head by sending DL in again, and then having Bob shoot him. Mohinder tries to help her, but she throws him into a wall, grabbing a syringe with a wild look in her eye. Nice one Nikki. You're so annoying.

Is this the big showdown? Kensei and Hiro face off, fighting in the gunpowder/firearms tent of White Beard. Hiro tries to save Kensei, but he claims that as long as he has breath, anything Hiro loves he will lay to waste. The tent explodes and Hiro manages to time-travel with his life.

Peter's alive! Bob tells Nathan that they tracked Peter to , and then lost him. Nathan wants to know how it's possible that the company actually lose someone. They are interrupted by Nikki knocking down the door coming after them with a syringe. Nathan talks sense into her, after which Nikki stabs herself to get out of Maury's nightmare.

Molly brings Matt into her nightmare, and then Matt brings Maury in. Hey big happy family! Matt tells his father off. 'I'm a good man, I'm a good cop, and I'm a good father, which is more than you ever could be.' He then traps Maury inside of his own prison. Nice move, Matt. Way to actually be a hero. Molly wakes up, they embrace, everyone cries salty tears of joy.

We're reunited with Peter and Angela and Peter is reunited with Caitlyn. She's being deported, and apparently, for all his powers, there's nothing that Peter can do. And then, randomly, he's transported back to the room in Montreal. Could Adam being calling him back there?

Back at the White Beard ruins, Hiro examines Kensei's armor, apparently he's dead. But seriously. Isn't he fire resistant, you know, because he heals? Something tells me that we haven't seen the last of Takezo Kensei. Yaeko offers a life with her as his princess, but that's not how the story ends. He must go back. Yaeko will spread stories of the noble Takezo Kensei, so that 'the boy Hiro' will have tales to help him sleep.

Mohinder is attempting to cure Nikki with the antibodies of his blood, but this virus is immune, it's a different strain. Nikki asks if she's going to die, Mohinder has no answer.

Hiro finally returns to the real world, where he's excited to tell his father and Ando all that has happened. Ando tells him that his father is dead.

Mohinder reports to Bob that the virus has no cure. Bob clues in Mohinder to Claire Bennet and her healing ability. Her regenerative abilities could cure the virus. Mohinder, wishy-washy sap that he is, tells Bob that he and Bennet have been working together to take down the company. Bob infers that Bennet must be killed to obtain Claire. Mohinder picks up a company issued gun, with his broken nose, just like in the painting.

Bennet and Claire get into it. He calls her out for her indiscretion, she calls him out that no one believes that he was at a copy conference. He blames it on her new boyfriend, says it's no longer safe there and that they must leave immediately. She informs him that they can leave, but she's staying. Smart move, Ms. Claire.

Back to Peter in Montreal, where he's introduced to Adam. Wow. Who doesn't love the crazy twists. 'Hello, Peter. I'm Adam.' Hello, Takezo Kensei.

One word: Unbelievable. While I think they could have gone more into the virus, the conclusion of Hiro's stint in makes me so happy. I also like that we haven't seen the end of Kensei, he was a worthy adversary. Yet again, can't wait for next week.

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