The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, v.1 and 2

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Price: $17 each.

If you're like me, then you've often thought that Wonder Woman would be a much more entertaining character if she was a cynical, amoral alcoholic who solved all of her problems by a) ignoring them, b) blowing them up, or c) ignoring them until they blew up. Fortunately for all of us, Justin Pierce has shown us just what that would look like in The Non-Adventures of Wonderella!Wonderella tells the story of its title character, an alleged super-hero and eternal disappointment to her mother, the Golden Age Wonderella, along with her dimwitted sidekick Wonderita, her Nazi arch-nemesis Hitlerella, and a ton of other characters. It's available as a webcomic at, but in addition to strips like this one (99 in vol. 1 and 104 in vol.2)...

...the two printed volumes are full of bonus features, including extra strips, a drinking game, a text piece, and a fake back cover so that you can pretend to have more high-class reading material laying around in case you want to impress company:

The great thing about Wonderella is that it comments on super-hero cliches and events, but in a way that's really accessible. Super-hero comic readers will probably get a kick out of jokes about Civil War or dating the Atom -- and believe it or not, it's not the easy one you're thinking of -- while folks who are geared more towards indie books or webcomics can still enjoy the goofy slapstick comedy of it.

The books'll set you back $17 each, but you can also pick up both of them for $32!

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