Huge T-Rex Bean Bag

Available From: Topatoco

Price: $139.00

Of all the awesome stuff in this year's ComicsAlliance Holiday Gift Guide, this is the only one I've hesitated on including. Not because it's not awesome -- it's a ginormous dinosaur bean bag that you can use as a pillow! -- but because as of this writing, there are only 43 left in stock, and I'm not sure I want to tell other people about it before I decide to get my own.The bean bag, pictured above with a Tom Waits CD (not included) for scale, is of course based on the starring character of Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics. In bean bag form, however, he's a little more rotund, but that round body and those even-tinier-than-normal-for-a-T-Rex arms just make him even more adorable.

Of course, $140 is a little hefty to spend on a bean bag, but let's be honest here: If your 14 year-old selves knew that you had an option to buy a bright green Tyrannosaurus Rex bean bag that was suggested for use as a pillow and you didn't, they would be so disappointed in you. Don't disappoint your past self, people.

If that logic doesn't sway you, then keep in mind that there's a similar option in a smaller, more affordable size:

The Giant T-Rex Squishable (the medium sized one in the picture above) sells for $39, and the Wee Rex (the smallest one) is a mere $19.

Keep in mind that the Topatoco's deadline for getting your order shipped by Christmas at their regular rate is tomorrow, so if you want one of these bad boys, you'll need to order today. And hurry it up -- I'm not going to be able to talk myself out of one of these for long!

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