Over the years, comic book culture and the fashion world have collided on more than one occasion to varying degrees of quality. Marvel's recent sexified superhero costumes stand out as some of the worst ones in the bunch. What you're about to see next, however, falls firmly within the realm of awesome.

Tala at Corvus tristis has fashioned her very own Batman sweater that she herself describes as "AWESOME," capitalization coming from her, not myself. But I tend to agree with her assessment, since the sweater pretty much looks exactly like the upper portion of Batman's costume, minus the cape and without the front part of the cowl.

Some of the awesome details include but are not limited to:

- Hand-sewn Batman insignia on the chest
- Bat-eared hood, stuffed so that the ears can stand up
- Black forearms with tri-spiked design
- Utility belt equipped with four functional pockets

While that's all she wrote for now, Tala revealed in a post at Crafster that she plans to tackle a Flash hoodie next and might even work on a Wonder Woman design.