If you're not already familiar with @Horse_ebooks, a Russia-based spam account lifts phrases from ebooks about horses to get around spam filters, the bizarre combination of sentence fragments and horses might sound annoying, but it's a formula that somehow led to comedy gold. And in the case of cartoonist and graphic designer Burton Durand, it led to a pretty amazing comic. In Horse_eComics, he takes those cryptic messages and translates them into beautiful and hilarious comics that illustrate their literal (and utterly non-sequitur) meanings. Check out a few of our favorites after the cut!

Just for the record, at least one of those strips is the perfect illustration of a recurring nightmare for a ComicsAlliance staffer whose name rhymes with "Laura Hudson," and the other is a pretty good representation of life as a professional comics critic.

For more surreal equestrian adventures, check out Horse_eComics on Tumblr, and if you want to learn a little more about the source material, Splitsider's Ballad of Horse_eBooks breaks down the whole history of the world's most beloved spam account pretty well.