After the response to the recent Public Service Announcement by the cast of The Rack, a webcomic set in a comic book shop called Panels, ComicsAlliance will be featuring more helpful Public Service Announcements about comics culture on the regular in an exclusive feature called PSAs From Panels by Kevin Church and artist Sandra Lanz. Today we're kicking off with an illustrated explanation of how to order your comics in advance at the comic book store (and why it's good for everybody when you do). Feel free to reblog, and share it with your friends!

The relationship between comic shops, Diamond Comics Distributors and publishers is, of course, much more complex than a five-panel strip can go into. For a nonfictional retailer's perspective on the situation and how the DC Reboot impacts his decisions, I recommend checking out Brian Hibbs' most recent Tilting At Windmills column.

To read the continuing adventures of the cast of Panels, check out The Rack, written by Kevin Church and drawn by Benjamin Birdie at

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