So, how did it feel NOT to have a new ep of Heroes to watch last Monday (or in my case reading my blogstress-in-crime Carol Orsini's awesome recaps the day after)?

Should you be looking to immerse yourself in all Heroes-related things during the coming holiday season -- maybe hitting the DVR to review Volume 2 or catching up on the first collection of online Heroes stories recently published by DC Comics -- here's an unusual freebie worth considering, straight from the good folks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known to the world at large as MIT.

Last month, MIT's Communications Forum sponsored a two-hour seminar/ interview with Heroes executive producer Jesse Alexander (who worked once-upon on-a-time on popular TV serials Lost and Alias) and Mark Warshaw (formerly of Smallville) to discuss the multi-platform approach to marketing this groundbreaking series from online graphic novels, to podcasting to the free availability of previous eps, appropriately titled NBC's Heroes: From Appointment TV to Engagement TV?

There are two ways you can listen to this interesting and free two-hour podcast: Click on the link in the Audiocast section to listen at your computer or download the podcast from iTunes from the CMS Colloquia Podcast page.

Here's a bonus for those who use iTunes: Toward the bottom of the list, lectures 49 and 50 feature 2006 interviews with Scott McCloud (Understanding/Reinventing/Making Comics) and Frank Espinosa (Rocketo), comics luminaries whose work we admire.