Professional wrestling and comics have always had a symbiotic (sometimes bordering on parasitic) relationship, but on the whole, there's always a little something righteous about the two worlds colliding. Take Hulk Hogan's 2008 online shoutout to "The Green Lantern Corps Message Board and its members" on behalf of a AndrewMDB. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the recent finale of Geoff Johns' "Blackest Night." Can you?

While The Hulkster kind of rambles through a few of the key character names he's obviously reading for the first time off of a teleprompter, he manages to do a good job of maintaining his enthusiasm despite a presumed lack of first-hand familiarity with some of the more modern GL lore. Hogan's had a number of Marvel Comics inspired monikers over the years (including the Cap-tastic "Mr. America" in addition to, well, the Hulk of course), so fans can forgive Hollywood for a little brevity when it comes to rambling off names like "Atrocitus."

Big ups to Blog@ for unleashing this clip upon the wider comics blogosphere. Watch the full clip after the!