Marvel Comics illustration of the Hulk vs. the Abomination
The good news about the next Incredible Hulk movie keeps getting better. First we have the announcement that Ed Norton will be taking over as Bruce Banner in a more straightforward adaptation of the character. Now we get news that Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) has been cast as Emil Blonsky, A.K.A. the Abomination.

Tim RothThis is good news for two reasons. First, Tim Roth is an excellent actor and will bring an equal amount of skill and intensity to Blonsky as Norton is bringing to Banner. And second, the fact that the Abomination is the villain in the flick is GREAT news. This means no evil General, no daddy issues and no freaking Hulk-Dogs. It's not that I have anything against a Hulk movie that focuses on the psyche of Banner/Hulk (in fact I think that's what makes the character so intriguing), I just hated the way it was done in the last movie. I'm betting that with Roth and Norton, we'll see the emotion in spades and with Hulk and the Abomination we'll finally get the smashing action to go along with it.