Jim Lee's come a long way over the course of his comic book career. In just two decades he's progressed from illustrating Marvel's Alpha Flight to founding Wildstorm and, most recently, becoming the Co-Publisher of DC Comics itself. While Lee remains an artist at heart as demonstrated by his role as Executive Creative Director of Sony's DC Universe Online, his new duties have made regular comic book runs less-than regular occurrences. Recognizing this, Titan Books has collected Lee's work, along with his thoughts in its new book Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee, which arrives in stores this Tuesday. Hit the jump for a look inside the hardcover.

Containing excerpts from Lee and Loeb's Hush, he and Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin, and he and Brian Azzarello's Superman: For Tomorrow run, plus some never-before-seen content, the book should prove a treasure trove for Lee fanatics - especially those mourning the recent shuttering of Wildstorm.

From the item's official solicitation info:

"A collection of hundreds of full-color illustrations and pencils spanning the entire career of the hugely successful and popular artist Jim Lee, with an all-new cover by Lee. Including his work on Batman and Superman, Vertigo titles, and WildStorm heroes WildC.A.T.s, Divine Right and Deathblow, accompanied by exclusive interview material from the man himself."
See a few of our exclusive images from next Tuesday's release below:

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