The current run of Deadpool --- which stretches back into the previous volume --- has been one of the smartest, most sophisticated takes on one of Marvel's most juvenile characters. Over the course of over sixty issues, Gerry Duggan and crew have infused Deadpool with a level of complexity that the character had been missing for decades.

Recently, Wade Wilson has been pulled in all directions by the Avengers, the Mercs For Money, his burgeoning relationship with his daughter Ellie, and his failing marriage with Shilkah, Queen of Monster Metropolis. In the most recent issue by Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot and Jordie Bellaire, Deadpool #17 one of those bonds snapped, and a classic Marvel hero paid the price. Spoilers follow.

Deadpool has been spending more and more time away from his wife Shiklah, and in recent issues she's sought solace and comfort in the arms of Jack Russell, AKA Werewolf By Night. Russell was introduced in Marvel Spotlight #2 by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog and quickly gained his own ongoing series. He's been a member of The Midnight Sons and the Legion of Monsters, but when Deadpool found him in bed with his wife, he shot his face into bits.




Now, Werewolf By Night is a magical character living in a magical Monster Metropolis, so there's every chance he's going to be fine by next issue, but looking at the panel above, the man is now missing his entire face. Even if Jack Russell does get magic'd back to life next issue, that's the sort of experience that's certainly going to change a person.


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