DC's current “The Final Days of Superman” crossover, taking place across the entire line of Superman titles, has produced some really great comics. Written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Doug Mahnke and Mikel Janín and others, the crossover has Superman putting his affairs in order ahead of his impending death due to a terminal condition he recently developed.

The most recent installment of the crossover in Batman/Superman sees Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the trail of an imposter Superman who believes himself to be the real deal, and their trail leads them to China. Once there, they’re confronted by The Great Ten, and we get our first glimpse of a new hero we’ll be seeing more of very soon as part of DC Rebirth.




In an earlier issue of the crossover, a Chinese supervillain wounded Superman and managed to draw blood; when he returned to his masters his hand was amputated and a sample was taken. In this issue we see what that sample may have been used for, as a figure floating in a stasis tube appears to be Kenan Kong, the New Super-Man debuting soon in a series by Gene Luen Yang and Victor Bogdanovic.

Doctor Omen has apparently siphoned energy from Superman’s newly developed solar flare ability and used it to grant her test subject the powers of The Man of Steel. When faced with having her research taken away from her by The Great Ten, Omen instead releases her test subject, who flies off into the night.




Coming to the conclusion that this Superman and the imposter the Justice League are hunting down are separate beings, they leave the new Superman for The Great Ten to track down --- likely a plot-point in the new series.

As for the golden Superman imposter, he’s decided to pay Lois Lane a visit, and it’s just a hunch, but their conversation may well end up in Lois Lane gaining his powers and becoming Superwoman, as we know she does as part of DC Rebirth.

As we draw closer and closer to DC Rebirth, we’re starting to see signs of the new status quo and no family of titles is set to be shaken up quite as much as the Superman line. "The Final Days of Superman" manages to not only a sew the seeds for everything that is to follow it, it’s also an incredibly fun and endearing crossover well worth checking out.


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