Suicide Squad as a franchise is known for shocking deaths when readers least expect it; it was a fundamental part of the original John Ostrander, Kim Yale & Luke McDonnell run.

Regular deaths keep the readers on their toes, and drive home the core concept of the franchise --- but this week's Suicide Squad #2, by Rob Williams, Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair, took a shocking turn when it killed off one of the most iconic members of the team, and brought back an unexpected villain.

Spoilers follow. Turn back now if you don’t want to know what happens in Suicide Squad #2.

The current mission has the newest incarnation of the Suicide Squad infiltrating an underwater base in search of a mysterious artifact located in The Black Vault. With the aid of newest recruit Hack, the team track down the item and discover it's a portal to the Phantom Zone!

As Rick Flag makes an executive decision to leave before things go belly up, Captain Boomerang gets a little too close to the portal.




Now, if you're thinking this is like Detective Comics #940,  (you can read spoilers for that story over here), be assured that Captain Boomerang appears to be very dead indeed. The next thing readers see is the charred stumps of his legs still smouldering in his boots.

The big reveal comes moments later, when none other than General Zod claws his way through the Phantom Zone and tells everyone to kneel before him --- because that's the one thing people remember about General Zod. The Kryptonian despot is a great villain for the Suicide Squad to take on, because going back to their earliest days, the team would always take on threats way above their pay grade, and Zod certainly qualifies.

As for Captain Boomerang? We'll always have the memories.




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