It seems Dexter's variant Powerpuff Girls cover cameo was merely a teaser of things to come. IDW is expanding its line of Cartoon Network line of comics with a brand new ongoing series based on Dexter's Laboratory, and it promises to continue the science-based sibling rivalry between Dexter and his sister Dee Dee.

The new series, written by Li'l Gotham's Derek Fridolfs and with art by Ryan Jampole (Mega Man), takes off next month.

“As someone who grew up with an older sister I fought with, I feel a certain kinship to Dexter (I'm still working on the boy genius part)," Fridolfs said via an IDW press release.  “I've always enjoyed the clever stories and look forward to helping Dexter achieve success, even despite himself. This is gonna be a blast!”

IDW's Cartoon Network line already includes comics based on The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and Samurai Jack. In June, characters from those books, along with Dexter and Ed, Edd and Eddy, will team up for the crossover Super Secret Crisis War. Eventually, characters from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyJohnny BravoCodename: Kids Next Door, and Cow and Chicken will appear in tie-in one-shots.


IDW Dexter's Laboratory Comic


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