While IDW's consistently released miniseries and specials over the past few years, licensed Ghostbusters comics haven't been a monthly staple more or less since The Real Ghostbusters animated series tie-ins wrapped in the early '90s. According to a teaser on IDW Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall's blog, however, that's about to change coming in September. As a mondo GB fan, I'm ready to believe this.As pointed out by JK Parkin, the teaser seems to be the handiwork of artist Dan Schoening, who illustrated interiors on 2010's Halloween one-shot Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What in Sam Hain Just Happened?.

No word on the rest of the potential creative team, although IDW's stable of GB scribes to date has included Jim Beard, Keith Dallas, Scott Lobdell, Peter Allen David, James Eatock, Dara Naraghi, Rob Williams, Erik Burnham and Keith C. Champagne. Or perhaps someone new will get the proverbial keys to the Ecto-1?

[Via Robot6]