As the first film to introduce my 8 year-old self to the hilarity that was a T-Rex eating a dude on a toilet, Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" (yeah, yeah, based on the novel by Michael Crichton) holds a very special place in my heart. That's why IDW's announcement of a relaunched comic book franchise featuring the artwork of creators like Frank Miller and Paul Pope is a pretty welcome piece of news.

"Jurassic Park: Redemption" #1 arrives in stores (and in digital format) this June and will feature a story by Bob Schreck with interior art by Nate Van Dyke. Miller is joined by Tom Yeates for the first issue's variant covers while Pope, Arthur Adams, Bill Stout and Bernie Wrightson will have their artwork featured on the covers of later issues in new series' initial 5-issue storyline.

According to IDW's official press release, the series takes place 13 years after the first JP feature film and follows John Hammond's grand kids Tim and Lex, who are working with the United Nations to keep people away from the islands their gramps populated with dinos.

IDW hasn't forgotten about JP's original comic series through Topps, however. The publisher has acquired the material and will reportedly reprint and recollect the stories in trade paperback form starting this summer.

I have nothing to add, aside from my unwavering support of the "Dino-Damage" action figure feature made popular by Kenner following the first film's release in '93. Should IDW find a way to work the term into their series, I think I'd bake them dinosaur-shaped cookies - two batches, even.

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