Following the success of this summer's "Star Trek: Countdown" IDW's releasing a full six-issue adaptation of the J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman's 2009 film.

"Star Trek: The Official Movie Adaptation" #1 comes your way from artist David Messina who also lent his pen to "Countdown," the title that served as a prequel to the film.

The first issue, which arrived in stores yesterday kicks off a series that won't just wrap what was seen in the film, but also include the movie's deleted scenes.

Unlike some video releases, however, with scenes detached from the narrative, the comic will act more like a director's cut with the deleted material embedded within the natural flow of the overall story.

A few off-camera moments taken from the film include some Klingon action, along with a little extra character development for the villainous Nero.

I won't spoil the significance of these scenes here, though, you can pick up the comic (or film - or both!) to delight in the bonus material.