Summer 2016 is about to be dominated by Star Trek fever as we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic sci-fi franchise and ramp up to the release of the new feature film Star Trek Beyond and more news continues to trickle in surrounding Bryan Fuller's upcoming CBS digital television Star Trek series due next year.

IDW are a publisher confident that this wave of momentum will continue following the release of the new film, so much so that they are ending their current Star Trek ongoing series and replacing it with a new series telling the further adventures of the USS Enterprise in the wake of the events in Star Trek Beyond.

The new series titled Star Trek: Boldly Go takes the place of the current ongoing Star Trek comic and reunites fan-favorite creative team Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen to tell the continuing stories of Kirk, Spock, Uhura and the whole crew in the direct fallout of the events of Star Trek Beyond.

While little information can be known about the plot of the comic until the release of the upcoming film, it is said that the crew will face a threat to the Federation like never before, and there will also be new costumes for the Enterprise crew. In a press release, IDW's Star Trek editor Sarah Gaydos stated, "Mike and Tony are poised to take the series in such an exciting direction. I can't wait to introduce the world to these new characters... as well as some interesting friends and foes from the past.”

Star Trek: Boldly Go launches its first issue in October and will feature character-focused connecting subscription variant covers by series artist, Tony Shasteen.


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