Inés Estrada's psychedelic science-fiction epic, Lapsos is releasing next month in a collected, English language edition and it's something that should be on your radar. Published by Swedish imprint, C'est Bon Kultur, and debuting at the Helsinki Comics Festival, the new hardback edition is limited to 1000 copies, and includes the original series in addition to 40 pages of new content. Lapsos follows the adventures of two friends who discover the existence of various dimensions between their home city in Mexico, and the gradual realisation that everything is connected, it's marked with Estrada's signature gross-but-touching humour and vivid characterisation.

While the original series was published in black and white, given Estrada's immense prowess with color, I'm especially pleased to see that it will now be published in blue and neon red, with ten full color inserts (you can see one of the inserts used to beautiful, startling effect in the 10-page preview below). I've been incredibly excited to get my hands on this since it was announced earlier in the year, and you know, it'd be miserly of me not to share the good news- Estrada is a very highly regarded and popular artist, with a dedicated fan-base, and I expect that 1000 print run to sell out quickly, as has been the tradition with previous books.

Estrada is one of my favorite cartoonists: she's been making comics and illustration since she was a teen, the success of which led her to setting up Gatosaurio, an online store which has become a hugely popular stop for her stickers, zines, and prints, and which has expanded to showcase the work of other Mexican artists, as well as serving as a distributor for comics and collaborative work by Canadian and North American artists. She also creates comics for Vice Mexcio, in addition to writing reviews in a weekly column for the magazine. A hugely talented artist, her comics are an example of some of the freshest, most vibrant, and relevant work currently being produced in the medium. If you haven't come across her before, her Tumblr is a good place to start: there's a clearly labelled tag on the left-hand side that allows you to view and read many of her comics for free.

You can pre-order Lapsos here (pre-orders receive a free, double-sided poster).