We've seen Bill Amend's punny take on the iPad's distinct lack of a certain speedster in "FoxTrot," but despite most publishers jumping onboard for the device's launch, DC has yet to prove the argument wrong by making its titles available on it. Left only to speculate whether the Flash can "run" on the iPad, this artist's rendition concludes that it's unlikely.

Posted over at The Duty, this image uses an iconic Justice League painting by Alex Ross to demonstrate the sadness that comes along with losing a staple of Web surfage. Adobe and Apple don't get along, which is sad considering in the DCU even super villains can get organized.

The joke gets a little murky when you consider that while Android-powered devices do run Flash, they still don't house DC Comics either...But hey, look! A blue Lego block where Wally West Barry Allen should be! Haha, silly iPads![Via Walyou]

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