The power of webcomics strikes again. And this time, it even managed to influence the U.S. Immigration office. After initially being denied an 0-1 Extraordinary Work Visa (for "foreigners with extraordinary abilities in the arts"), Ireland native Dave McElfatrick -- 1/4 of the dark, irreverent webcomic "Cyanide & Happiness" -- told readers about his plight, and asked them to sign a "Let Dave Into America" petition. They rallied, and nearly 150,000 signatures later, the U.S. Immigration office has agreed to give him a visa, granting him a longer-term ticket to the United States.

McElfatrick thanked the fans who made his visa possible today, and laid out what his plans are once he's stateside:

That's right! The gents over in the US Immigration Office have decided that I am fit for a visa and it's all thanks to YOU GUYS!! I suspect it might have something to do with 4,000 pages worth of signatures from C&H delivered right to their door. Pat yourselves on the back!

I suppose this means that we have to reward you guys in some form or another... how does a ton of fucking great new Cyanide & Happiness animations sound? We've got a LOAD of new cartoons coming your way this fall thanks to all this! You really deserve only the best from us now!

So far McElfatrick seems humbled by fan response and motivated to make the most of his visa. Still, we'd like to remind McElfatrick that his ability to mobilize so many people should always be used for good and never evil. We know he'll do the right thing.

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