The notion that comic book movies are experiencing a rebirth is debatable given the poor box office performances of "Kick-Ass" and "The Losers," not to mention the mixed reaction to Marvel's own "Iron Man 2." But there's at least one area of geekdom that remains firmly awesome, same as it ever was: the collectible market. Action figures, posters, T-shirts and statues based on your favorite comic book and superhero characters continue to deliver as delightfully inventive as ever, and there are two particularly unique items available on the market at Etsy today: Iron Man and Captain America papercraft sculptures.

Although not as expensive as a standard bust, artist-sculptor Cheong-ah Hwang's papercraft models of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are extremely impressive feats of creativity. Collectors can purchase these models from Hwang's Etsy store for $250 each, which may seem a steep price given the quality of the material.

Click past the jump for some more pictures of the papercraft wonderment.Source: igeektrooper

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