Following their small screen success with Preacher, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are setting their sights on another comic-series, but this time they’re taking it to the big screen. The creative duo will write and direct a film adaptation of Invincible, based on the comic-book series by Robert Kirkman, best known as the creator of the series that inspired that other popular AMC TV show.

Deadline reports that Rogen and Goldberg have signed on to write, direct and produce Invincible as part of Kirkman’s own first-look deal with Universal. The series first debuted in 2003 as part of the Image Comics Universe, and centers on a teenager named Mark Grayson, who discovers that his father is a member of an extraterrestrial race and, under the superhero pseudonym Omni-Man, uses his otherworldly abilities to protect Earth. Mark must come to terms with his inherited powers and his alien origins while joining the family business, so to speak, taking up the superhero name Invincible — oh, and he still has to deal with all that teenager crap.

Kirkman’s comic-book series is set to end later this year with a 12-issue run. The second season of Rogen and Goldberg’s Preacher, based on the graphic novel series by Garth Ennis, is set to debut on AMC this summer. Rogen is also attached to star opposite Charlize Theron in Flarsky, which reunites the actor with 50/50 director Jonathan Levine.