The Penguin is getting his on streaming series on Max. When you think of all the DC superheroes who haven’t gotten a television show to date, the fact that this character is starring in his own show — not just the villain in someone else’s series — is pretty wild.

But maybe that speaks to the star power of Colin Farrell, who played the Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman and returns here in the same role. Or perhaps it says more about the state of superhero movies and cinematic universes, where it’s seen as advantageous to create interconnected movies and shows even if the characters aren’t as well known because the very idea of a shared universe is the draw. Or maybe this is just a really good excuse for a dark and gritty crime show that DC fans are always insisting they want. (With Farrell in that big burly prosthetic makeup, The Penguin kind of looks like The Sopranos if it took place in Gotham City.)

We’ll see whether that’s true when The Penguin premieres on Max, which will happen early in the fall. The latest trailer sets up the premise: Shortly after the events of The Batman, the Penguin wants to fill the underworld power vacuum in Gotham. But there are plenty of people who want to stop him.

Check out the latest teaser below:

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Here is the series’ official synopsis:

Starring Colin Farrell as Oz Cobb (aka “The Penguin”), the eight-episode DC Studios limited series continues filmmaker Matt Reeves' The Batman epic crime saga that began with Warner Bros. Pictures’ global blockbuster “The Batman.” Developed by showrunner Lauren LeFranc, the series centers on the character played by Farrell in the film.

The Penguin is set to premiere on Max in September.

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