Watchmen is getting yet another adaptation — this one animated. It has previously been turned into a very faithful Zack Snyder live-action movie, and it was also given a sequel TV series a few years ago on HBO. There’s even a “motion comic” of the classic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons series as well.

The next reimagination of the iconic graphic novel doesn’t look like it has much re-imagining at all: It’s a two-part animated feature that at first glance looks extremely faithful to Dave Gibbons original artwork from the Watchmen comics. The teaser for the two-part adaptation can be watched below; the description of this teaser on YouTube claims Adam Driver is one of the stars, but there’s no mention of him in the actual clip.

See if anyone sounds like Adam Driver to you...

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This apparently R-rated animated adaptation of Watchmen was first announced by Warner Bros. way back in 2017. Seven years later, this is the first teaser we’ve actually seen of the film. And it looks ... like Watchmen. At this point, as magnificent as the book is, I am not sure we need another adaptation of it. But hardcore fans may disagree.

In recent years, DC has made their own sequel to Watchmen called Doomsday Clock, which connected the world of the Watchmen characters (which were original creations of Moore and Gibbons, though loosely based on the heroes of the long-defunct company Charlton Comics) with that of the mainstream DC Universe via a multiverse. DC subsequently also subsequently published a Rorschach sequel comic in 2020 and 2021.

Watchmen Chapterand 2 are scheduled for release later in 2024 and in 2025.

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