After winning the Canadian "Queer Idol" singing competition, performer Stacey Tennen decided to build a website to promote her music -- only to find that the domain had been claimed by someone else several weeks after her win, and now redirects to a site full of anti-gay religious tracts by Jack Chick that literally demonize homosexuals.

One strip titled "The Gay Blade" depicts gays as living in "Satan's shadowy world of homosexuality," claims that "demonic power controls them" and laments that they now live openly in society and "no longer try to hide their identity."

Nor is Tennen alone -- a search using an e-mail from the site revealed numerous domains based on misspellings of celebrity names that redirect to sites with thematically related Chick tracts.

A few involve vampire properties, like (based on a minor misspelling of "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson's name) and ("Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley). Both sites redirect to Jack Chick strips that focus on the evils of the occult, like the oft-mocked anti-D&D tract "Dark Dungeons."

Other sites include, which seems to comment on G4 host Olivia Munn by linking to a tract called "Party Girl," (based on the "Terminator Salvation" film), which mystifyingly tries to trade of the imaginary popularity of the summer flop, and several more.