The rumors of James Wan’s production squabbles on the set of Aquaman have been greatly exaggerated. An item about the DC superhero film universe posted over the weekend on Birth.Movies.Death cited “multiple, reliable sources” that claimed director James Wan was having some misgivings about the process, and may depart the project entirely if the friction between him and studio brass doesn't clear up. Writer Devin Faraci’s exact words were “a tremendous amount of trepidation,” speculating that the Jason Momoa-led Aquaman needs Wan much more than he needs the movie, having already laid claim to Warner Bros.’ summer slate with The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out, the latter of which he produced.

But rumors have a funny way of not always being true. Those reliable sources may not have been as reliable as we were led to believe, because Wan took to Twitter over the weekend to clear up the mini-controversy and reaffirm his commitment to the lord of the seven seas. First, the ever-stylish director of such films as The Conjuring and the most recent installment of the Fast and Furious franchise posted a photo of himself next to a large Aquaman mural, striking a casual model-pose that says, “Who, me? I’m just texting a friend about how I am totally still doing this movie and not going to unceremoniously quit this job.” Then, in a move of thoughtful magnanimity, Wan implored his many followers not to harass Faraci about the misunderstanding. A force for peace in the world, Wan then expanded the sentiment to include everyone. Let us all follow the example of filmmaker James Wan, and not attack anyone today.

Oh, but Seth Graeme-Smith is definitely done with The Flash. That much is for real.


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