I know it's only been about a week since the last time we were singing the praises of our friends at ComicTwart, but this week, something's been happening over there that you guys are going to want to know about.

As you may already know, the deal with our favorite art site is that each week, the artists pick a character that they all draw. There's a lot of variety to it, but they usually stick to great comic book characters like Batman, Lone Wolf & Cub, or even Archie. Until this week, when they inexplicably decided to draw quite possibly (and justifiably) the most hated character in all of science fiction:

Jar Jar Binks. and while there's a good chance that Chris Samnee's morose version -- which was accompanied by the note that "even just drawing him made me angry" -- is probably the best the character has ever looked, its just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the rest below, including a few that Jar Jar Binks haters may find cathartic.Ron Salas and Steve Bryant both did somewhat literal interpretations of Jar Jar's name, but while Salas went with an awesomely creepy take that would be right at home on Dr. Frankenstein's shelves...

...Bryant went with a more edible aproach, that also has the benefit of serving as a three-way pun:

See, because the Jar Jar jar is ajar.

Despite the obvious comedic nature of the subject, Firebreather co-creator Andy Kuhn decided to see the choice of Jar Jar as a challenge, and did his level best to make him look like a badass. And when you consder that millions of dollars in CGI couldn't accomplish that at all, it's a pretty amazing victory:

According to Kuhn, there's a secret to it: "It turns out the only way for me to make Jar Jar Binks look cool, is to draw him really small on the page!"

The crowd-pleaser, though, is the piece by Nathan Fairbairn, which can even be viewed as a prequel to Salas and Bryant's:

And that one pretty much speaks for itself.

For larger versions -- and to see more -- check out the ComicTwart website!

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