If you've been keeping up with DC's Justice League, then you probably already know that we're barreling towards the book's next big event, "Darkseid War." Set to launch in the next issue, the storyline features characters from Jack Kirby's Fourth World Saga taking on the Anti-Monitor, and while one also assumes that the actual Justice League will also be in somewhere, we now know at least one of the characters who's going to be involved: Mister Miracle, sporting a brand new costume design from artist Jason Fabok.

Fabok posted the design on Twitter this week, revealing that his take on Mr. Miracle will be sporting a much more armored look that fits in with a lot of the other redesigns from the New 52.


Mr. Miracle by Jack Kirby


Mr. Miracle's original costume was, of course, designed by Jack Kirby when the character made his debut in 1971, a theatrical costume handed down by escape artist Thaddeus Brown when Scott Free arrived on Earth. But while that costume has remained pretty consistent over the years, Fabok's redesign is certainly not the only time it's been changed.

In 2005's Seven Soldiers, Grant Morrison and Pasqual Ferry featured a version of Shiloh Norman who wore a similar costume that ditched the cape and high collar in favor glowing accents:


Seven Soldiers: Mr. Miracle #1


There was also a darker costume worn in 2007's rarely referenced Death of the New Gods.

Fabok's redesign, appropriately enough for a story with "War" right there in the title, certainly seems more armored, complete with what appear to be segmented plates and  belt pouches, and in addition to the designs, he also posted a shot of how it will appear in the story itself:


Mr. Miracle by Jason Fabok


Whether this version of Mr. Miracle will also take advantage of the many wonders of the Mother Box remains to be seen, but readers can find out for themselves when "Darkseid War" kicks off in Justice League #41.

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