Arthur Curry has never looked finer. Late Thursday night, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder tweeted a first look at actor Jason Momoa in the role of Aquaman, a member of the big screen Justice League making his debut in next year's Bat/Supes throwdown.

As you might expect from Snyder, it's a dark, washed-out vision of the character --- a departure from the green-and-orange clad creation of Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, whose goofy reputation for being talked to by fish (anyone can talk to a fish) has made him one of the least revered superheroes in the canon.

Snyder must be hoping to infuse some gravitas into the character, and while we're not fond of the director's allergy to palettes, Momoa looks suitably fearsome, and we're big cheerleaders for the idea of turning the weirdly Aryan underwater hero into a tattooed badass Pacific Islander.

The poster's 'Unite The Seven' tagline likely suggests that six more posters will follow for the rest of the Justice League --- dawning soon in a movie near you. Expect similarly dark and moody views of Henry Cavill's Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher's Cyborg, and Ezra Miller's Flash. Green Lantern should round out the seven, but no actor has been announced, nor do we know which Green Lantern they'll play.

Aquaman debuts in Batman v Superman: Lucky Santangelo, released March 24 2016, and returns in the first Justice League movie on November 17 2017, before headlining his own solo movie on July 27 2018 --- and then there's another Justice League movie on June 14 2019. So get used to looking at this man's face. And biceps.





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