It's been a little over a year since we've heard anything regarding a "Dead@17" adaptation -- the latest scuttlebutt pointing at Mike Dougherty ("Trick R Treat") being pegged to write a script and Vanessa Hudgens starring as the series main character, Nara Kilday. However, if Twitter blasts can be believed, it looks like things may be moving again for the undead demon slayer.

According to a recent Tweet, it looks as though former "Lost" and "The Middleman" writer/producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach may indeed be adapting the Image series for film.

While it's tough to get a lot of details from 140 characters, Grillo-Marxuach recently Tweeted the following:

"oh, here's another riddle - what has two thumbs and is adapting josh howard's 'dead@17' for the movies?"

Dead@17 creator Josh Howard followed up Grillo-Marxuach's tweet with his own announcement regarding the news, saying:

"Met with the writer of the (potential) Dead@17 movie yesterday. Despite my fears, it went very well. Nara and Hazy are in good hands."

The news should come as welcome to Dead@17 fans, given both Grillo-Marxuach's chops as a writer on a wide array of geek-approved TV shows, and the fact that he knows comics (before it made its way to ABC Family, The Middleman was a comic series published by Viper -- the same former publisher of Dead@17 before it made the shift to Image). Now all we can do is hope that the studios get this right by giving it the PG-13/R-rated adaptation it deserves.[Via Twitter @joshuahoward and @OKBJGM]

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