Attention collectors, you're going to need to dig ALL your quarters out of the couch for this one.

Jerry Robinson, the 88-year-old co-creator Batman's Robin and the Joker, is placing the original art from two 1942 DC covers in his comics collection on sale now at ComicConnect. The first is the patriotic shield and eagle cover of Superman #14 by Fred Ray, which came out during World War II, and the second is the cover of Detective Comics #69 by Robinson himself featuring a two gun-wielding Joker emerging from a lamp to threaten the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder."I wanted to project menace and bizarre villainy so I drew him looming over them and coming out of a lamp to add a sense of mystery to his persona," Robinson told ComicsAlliance.

Citing the $1 million dollar sale of Action Comics #1 earlier this year, a representative from ComicConnect indicated that they believe this auction could set a new record high for comic book art since there are multiple issues of Action Comics #1 and these covers are original, rare art.

"The art wasn't saved," Jerry Robinson explained, "It was routinely destroyed. I had to call and ask them to send it back to me. Depending on the hour I called, sometimes they would already be destroyed. Fortunately I saved a few... I pinned them up on the wall. I didn't preserve them as a conservator until they began to become valuable, then I placed them in a vault."

Robinson hopes the works are placed in a museum, "The Library of Congress would love it, or the Smithsonian."

The sale ends on December 1st, so if you don't have the money now, there's still time for you to earn it. They even have a six month interest free payment plan.

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