Those following Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League have known for awhile that Darkseid would rear his craggy head in the relaunched series, and now DC's The Source blog has a page from the flagship title's fourth issue giving readers a glimpse of the lord of Apokolips' "New 52" redesign. Just as Johns stated at New York Comic Con in October, Darkseid's thigh-high boots and skirt are now out of the picture, though many of creator Jack Kirby's original design motifs and colors remain. Check out Lee's new Darkseid design after the jump.Though he's making his debut in Justice League #4 on December 21, it's important to remember that the new, more pants-equipped Darkseid is sporting a fashion five years old within "New 52" continuity. Who knows? Maybe in the more current continuity he'll have taken to rocking the tunic look again? Grown an Omega mustache? Experimented with fedoras? Possibilities, people!

You can scope out Lee's full new Darkseid image below:

[Via The Source]