In a perfect storm of meta sadness, Marvel's Peter Parker firing announcement has hit the same week that the Academy Awards have displaced Hollywood Boulevard's tourist-stalking Spider-Men (among other costumed creeps). It's an unpleasant situation to be sure, but the two entities definitely have different takes on the matter. Peter Parker hasn't blamed society for his unemployment woes, but as exposed by Tuesday night's "JImmy Kimmel Live," at least one Hollywood Spider-Man wants his voice heard.

It takes the self-proclaimed "hardest working actor and model in the world," a few tries, but he eventually delivers some much needed blame to the politicians and businessmen he holds responsible for his current situation.

"What do I feel about unemployment? I feel that it's all due to our...uh...corrupt government. They're doing nothing to protect Americans' jobs," said the Spider-Man stand-in before being replaced by a Sponge Bob.

Check out the full hilarity after the jump around the 11:20 mark.