With Ultimate Spider-Man's inclusion of the heroic pig Spider-Ham on Disney XD, I suppose it was only a matter of time before The Universe responded with an animated anthropomorphic animal countercartoon from DC Comics. No, it's not a Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! show, it's the newly-created JL Animals, a barnyard-based series of shorts starring animal analogues of your favorite DC heroes and villains starting September 29.

Described in Cartoon Network's press release as "a hilarious take on Justice League where animal versions of classic DC heroes show off their wild sides while facing trouble on the farm," the new series of DC Nation shorts will star characters like Super Manatee, Wonder Wombat, Cybug and Lex Liger (big ups for invoking a tiger/lion hybrid). Though fans will likely still crave a Captain Carrot series someday, this new show looks silly enough to tide everyone over in the meantime.

You can catch a new JL Animals clip, along with new still images, below.

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