From the first time Nintendo announced its 3DS, all I could think about were the implications its glasses-less tech might have for comics fans. Sure, Nintendo hasn't quite gotten around to selling sequential art the way Sony has on its PSP, but I knew someone awesome would take advantage of the device's many built-in apps to share the magic of comics. Today, as linked by 4CR, 1UP webcomicker John Padding and 3Dizer Daniel Shealey seem to have taken one small step for comics and one giant leap for 3DS kind with the free, three-panel "Ar of the Covenant" strip.The latest installment of Paddding's Crazy Buffet, "Crazy Buffet 2: 3D #1" can be downloaded and uploaded to the 3DS via your SD card of choice. If you've yet to pick up a 3DS yourself, you can still enjoy it sans parallax tech in 2D online.

Here's hoping more creators take a cue from Padding and bring more content to the device. It'd be dope if Nintendo would finally get hep to regularly hocking digital comics and manga (in 3D or otherwise), but innovative content from webcomic creators is more than welcome in the interim.

[Via 4CR]

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