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The first official depiction of the popular werewolf Richard from Laurell K. Hamilton's bestselling Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels is sure to tease fans waiting for the return of the comics in July.

June is a peculiar month in 2007 for Dabel Brothers Productions - it's the only month in the year where an issue of the company's bestselling comic book series, Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, isn't scheduled for release.

But the Dabel Brothers aren't taking a month off from Anita Blake; in fact, they're preparing for the hotly anticipated release of their first Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter graphic novel and the all new, original prequel series written by Laurell K. Hamilton herself, Anita Blake: The First Death, both of which hit stores in July, published by Marvel Comics. And, just to show that they know how hard the wait can be, the Dabel Brothers have commissioned series artist Brett Booth to illustrate a popular character who first appears in the novel Circus of the Damned: Richard Zeeman, a powerful lycanthrope who serves as Ulfric, or king, of a pack of werewolves!

"Richard doesn't appear in Guilty Pleasures, the book we're currently adapting," explained Ernst Dabel, President of Dabel Brothers Productions. "So fans of the comic book won't be familiar with him yet. But fans of the novels, on the other hand, know that once Richard appears, he becomes one of the most important characters in the story, serving as a romantic interest for Anita and a powerful influence on part of her personality. We're proud to be able to bring fans of the Anita Blake series a glimpse of Richard in such a beautiful print, and we're sure it will be our most popular poster yet!"

Since the release of their last 18x24 poster print in April, the Dabel Brothers have received numerous requests to offer smaller sizes for those who would like to display the artwork in their lockers, cubicles, or offices. The Dabel Brothers have decided to offer the June print in two sizes: an 8x11 poster printed on glossy photo paper, and an 18x24 poster printed on the same high quality, glossy paper used for previous prints. The smaller print will sell for $4.99, while the larger will sell for $14.99. The print will go on sale on the Dabel Brothers Productions website on Thursday, June 21st.

Wholesale rates are available to retailers who are interested in carrying the Official Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of prints in their stores. Retailers interested in carrying these items should contact Derek Ruiz, Sales Manager, at or call (770) 917-1946. These items are being offered exclusively through Dabel Brothers Productions and will not be solicited through any other source.

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