Diamond Comics Distributors confirmed Monday that DC Comics' Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee & Scott Williams sold out of its massive initial print run as well as a second and is presently in a third printing. More than 200,000 copies have been sold (not including digital sales), making Justice League #1 the best-selling comic book of 2011 so far.

There's more good news for DC, as several other titles from its New 52 initiative have sold out of print runs exceeding 100,000 copies, and all 13 of last week's new DC comics are going back to press.According to DC Comics' The Source blog, the new first issues of Action Comics, Batgirl, Batman, Batman And Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Lantern, Justice League and Superman were all given print runs exceeding 100,000 copies, with Justice League and Action Comics going higher than 200,000 each (including the second printing of Action). While it remains to be seen whether all of them will sell out, some already have, like Batman And Robin #1 and Green Lantern #1, both on sale this week. Also coming this week are the first issues of Batwoman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Grifter, Legion Lost, Mister Terrific, Red Lanterns, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad and Superboy, whose initial print runs are not known but have already sold out at the distributor level and are going back to press.

With respect to digital sales, ComicsAlliance reported last week on the ascendence of comiXology's Comics in the iPad app sales charts during the first week of DC's New 52, when it peaked at #2. The DC Comics app, also developed by comiXology, reached the #4 position in the same week. These are strong indicators of success, but the publisher is presently refusing to disclose digital sales figures. DC's Executive VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development John Rood was asked about digital sales by Comic Book Resources' Kiel Phegley. His response is as follows:

We can't provide specific numbers. I'll tell you were delighted by the digital sales, but I can't say that they've exceeded expectations in a way that the physical sales have exceeded our forecast and expectations. In the "nice problem to have" department, we've got both media clicking in a way that can only tell us that this is by our design [digital] is working as an additive media and not a replacement one.

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