A new flyer distributed to comic book retailers gives fans the full skinny on DC Direct's plans for Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's "New 52" Justice League heroes. TNI has a scan of the pages featuring the full line, which show off seven figures and their release dates. First up is Batman in May, with Green Lantern and Aquaman following in June, Flash in August, Wonder Woman and Cyborg (he's finally included, unlike in previous images) in October and Superman in January of 2013.

It seems a little strange that DC's most iconic character will trail the rest of the team, and even weirder that Mattel is going to beat DCD to a New 52 Supes by several months at least. Not as strange as Aquaman's zoot suit chain/trident, mind you, but who am I to criticize Atlantean fashion? I didn't grow up in a lighthouse and I can hardly breathe underwater.

Click to enlarge the full combined image below.

[Via TNI]

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