Gina Torres plays Superwoman in the recently released "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths." Having played several hardcore warriors over the years like Zoe Washburne on "Firefly" and Anna Espinosa on "Alias," she's more than entitled to having an opinion or two on the role of women in popular culture and the superhero genre in particular - but I didn't expect that opinion to be so filthy-mouthed.

"There aren't really any skinny b--ches in the world of comic books," Torres said in an interview caught by Wired. But Torres doesn't mean that as an insult. In her opinion, the lack of skinny, err, women in comic books is a good thing.

"What I love about superheroes, and Superwoman in particular," she said, "is that in the comics world they're all curvaceous. They're strong. And it's important to have strong images of women out there, women who aren't afraid of expressing themselves, women who aren't afraid of taking chances, women who aren't afraid of their own power.

"Unfortunately, being a woman in society means that sometimes you have to sort of quell what is instinctually broad and magnificent and magical about you," she continued. "[But] what's great about this whole genre is that it's all about sticking out. It's all about being magnificent to the highest power."

I think she's got a good grasp on the philosophy here, but more importantly, she delivers the goods as a thorough badass time and time again. Hearing Torres' thoughts on superheroes really makes me want to see her tackle the genre on the big screen, or perhaps on her own television series. She's certainly earned a star vehicle of her own by now.

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