When it comes to the most famous members of DC Comics' Justice League, there's been a lot of official merchandise released depicting Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Green Lantern over the years. There's also been a number of cheap knockoffs. What there hasn't been, however, is an official line of toys designed to kind of look like knockoffs. Filling this particularly odd niche is Japan's Kore Ja Nai (which translates into "This is not it") toy line from toymaker Kotobukiya. Originally a line of faux mecha knockoffs (like Gundam and others) designed by Zarigani Works, the Kore Ja Nai line has now expanded to two kinds of Justice League box sets: One featuring matte colorworks and one that's more metallic. Preorder sites are currently selling full sets of the standard and more shiny figures for about $75, if this crazy blocky business is your cup of Justice League tea. Judging from the toys' presence at SDCC last week, however, they'll probably be made available in North America in some form for less moolah. See what you think of the Justice League X Kore Ja Nai figures after the cut.

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