As a franchise, Adventure Time has been a huge boon to Boom Studios, with an incredibly successful ongoing series, multiple minis, and a host of original graphic novels lighting up the sales charts. Now the publisher's Kaboom imprint has announced Adventure Time: Islands, an original graphic novel from show writer Ashly Burch and artist Diigii Daguna, which goes back in time to the aftermath of the Mushroom War for a story featuring Bunny Girl and her tribe of human survivors.

Bunny Girl debuted in the miniseries Stakes, which saw Marceline The Vampire Queen on a quest to cure herself of her vampiric nature. In the episode "Everything Stays," Marceline is forced to reflect on her life when faced with impending death, and remembers a time before she was a vampire and discovered a tribe of humans trying to band together and get by in the aftermath of the great Mushroom War.

Kaboom hasn't released any more details about the OGN other than its lead, but from her one appearance so far, fans of Adventure Time know that Bunny Girl is an exceptionally resourceful and engaging heroine, much like the hero of Ooo whose silhouette she resembles.

Here's the full order information for the graphic novel:

Adventure Time: Islands (ISBN 978-1-60886-972-5, full color, 6” x 9”, 80 pages) will feature a cover illustrated by the artist team of Braden Lamb & Shelli Paroline, who were the original artists on KaBOOM!’s Adventure Time comics for the first 36 issues. It carries a retail price of $9.99 under Diamond Code SEP161396. It will be released in November 2016 and is available to pre-order now through local comic book shops or booksellers.


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