Sometimes you look at a single image and wish that it was full-blown illustrated book. For examples, you need look no further than illustrator/animator extraordinaire Kassandra Heller's illustration portfolio. Her pink-haired lady lumberjack and singing bunny people could easily star in their own stories, and there's plenty more where that came from.Heller maintains her own site, as well as a fine blog. She's got a keen eye for situations and emotion, both of which sneak into her work in offbeat ways.

And did we mention that she draws a darling Sailor Moon? Her sketchbook contains colorful studies on character concepts out of Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Scott Pilgrim, among other places. Her style will definitely resonate with fans of Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Lay your eyes on a some of our favorite Heller art below, and let us know how adorable and/or creepy you find her Alice in Wonderland images to be.

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