Kate Beaton's webcomic about Aquaman, wherein the hook-handed Sea King nobly defended his ocean kingdom against tiny interloping children and oil spills, has quickly become a favorite among her readers (particularly superhero fans). And while Beaton initially created the comic before the catastrophic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it coincidentally went up right around the same time as the initial rig explosion in late April.

Now, as oil continues to gush into the ocean months later, Beaton has made a special sketch of Aquaman glaring angrily at an oil slick beneath his feet, and donated it to the Web-Comic Auction for the Gulf Coast, with proceeds going to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund.

The sketch goes on sale tomorrow, and the week-long auction also includes sketches from Chris Hastings ("Dr. McNinja"), Anthony Clark ("Nedroid"), David Malki ("Wondermark"), Jon Rosenberg ("Scenes from a Multiverse") and more.